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Private Anthony 'Anton' Frampton, 20, from Huddersfield, was one of six soldiers on a patrol to dominate the area and maintain freedom of movement in Lashkar Gah Durai region in an operational area on the border of Helmand and Kandahar provinces when their Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device . Prior to joining the Army, Private Frampton attended Royds Hall High School, Huddersfield. On leaving school he spent a period as an apprentice welder before deciding to join the Army.

Private Frampton joined the Army in January 2009 before passing out of training in August 2009 and joining the 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of Wellington's) in Warminster.

Private Frampton was initially employed in Alma Company as a Rifleman. In January 2010 he deployed to the Falkland Islands. On return, Private Frampton volunteered for the Drums Course in Catterick and on completion he joined the Light Platoon, Somme Company. It was here that he displayed his natural physical fitness and amazing character. Fit, robust and intelligent he soon completed training to use the Javelin missile system.

In September 2010, Private Frampton moved to Javelin Platoon and it is here where he really began to shine. A true team player with an infectious sense of humour he possessed a real talent for Armoured Infantry gunnery. In May 2011, Private Frampton deployed on exercise with Javelin Platoon to Canada where he performed excellently, demonstrating determination in adversity and the highest levels of soldiering.

Private Frampton joined Corunna Company prior to deployment to Afghanistan and was employed as an Infantry Dismount and Warrior Gunner.

Private Frampton was an absolute character; hugely popular within Corunna and Somme Companies, but also the wider Battalion. Noticed by all for his carefree nature and love of life, Private Frampton will be missed by all who knew him and had the pleasure of serving alongside him.

He leaves behind him his mother and stepfather, Margaret and Martin, his father Gary, sisters, Gemma and Nicola, great uncle Pat and extended family. The thoughts and prayers of all those in his Battalion and Combined Force Lashkar Gah are very much with them at this most difficult time.

Pte Frampton's family have paid the following tribute:

"Anton was the life and soul of every party, and always lived life to the full. He had a great sense of humour and always made everybody laugh with his crazy dancing and karaoke singing.

"He was a fantastic soldier, winning the Soldiers' Soldier Award in training, and loved being in the Army. We are so proud of him and all that he achieved. He will be missed by all his family and friends and will never be forgotten."

Lieutenant Colonel Zac Stenning MBE, Commanding Officer, 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of Wellington's), said:

"Private Anthony Frampton was a unique young man. Fit, carefree, and always the life and soul of his Platoon, he was a true legend amongst his peers. A thoroughly likeable young man, he could motivate and encourage the entire Battalion with his cheekiness and smile. But behind this cheeky nature lay a truly dedicated infantry soldier, who was committed and brave. This family Battalion has today lost one of its central characters. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this difficult time."

Lieutenant Colonel Ian Mortimer, Commanding Officer, Combined Force Lashkar Gah (The Queen's Royal Hussars Battle Group) said:

"We in Combined Force Lashkar Gah are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Private Frampton. For those who knew him, Private Frampton was quite simply the life and soul of 7 Platoon. A real character, he was always laughing and joking. During the more difficult times this ability to see the positive, and laugh in the face of adversity, had the ability to carry those around him, which is priceless. But beneath that he was ever the professional soldier. He was committed to his job and the Company. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this most difficult and tragic time. We will remember him."

Major Edward Colver, Officer Commanding, Corunna Company, 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of Wellington's), said:

"Private Frampton had only been under my command for a few months. In that time he proved himself to be a valuable asset to the Company and a good bloke to have around. Private Frampton showed huge potential. He was ambitious and keen to take more responsibility. I am certain that he would have made a first class Non-Commissioned Officer.

"I speak on behalf of the whole Company in conveying my deepest sympathy to his family and friends. We have lost a brother, a friend, and a comrade. He will be sorely missed."

Major Jonathon Hinchliffe, Officer Commanding, Somme Company, 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of Wellington's), said:

"Private Frampton was the first soldier I met when I assumed command of Somme Company. I was immediately amazed by his character, love of life and soldiering ability. Hugely positive and always able to find the fun, he made everyone around him smile.

"As a soldier, Private Frampton was outstanding, fit and strong, and an amazing team player. In Javelin Platoon he was highly dependable and a master of armoured infantry skills. As a Warrior gunner, he was incredibly reliable and without equal amongst his peers. He was selected to deploy on operations as a Warrior gunner with Corunna Company bringing immense professional knowledge and experience.

"Private Frampton was an amazing character, a loveable rogue. He was always in the thick of it with his mates. His infectious spirit captivated us all; we love and value him as a highly trusted soldier and friend. I will miss him dearly. Private Frampton will never be forgotten. We will honour him with our actions and in our lasting thoughts. His family are in our prayers, God be with you, and rest in peace."

Captain Ian Martin, Officer Commanding, Fire Support Group Platoon, 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of Wellington's), said:

"Private Frampton was a larger than life individual who had an infectious character and a loveable personality which made him one of the most popular members of the platoon.

"As a soldier Private Frampton was highly capable, confident, competent and extremely fit. Sorely missed, but never forgotten, the thought of Private Frampton to those who knew him will always put a smile on their face. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends."

Lieutenant Daniel Brennan, 7 Platoon Commander, Corunna Company, 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of Wellington's), said:

"Private Frampton was the life and soul of the party. He could raise the spirits of everyone in the room. He was also exceptionally kind and willing to do anything for anyone and his absence will leave a void in the lives of all those that knew him."

Warrant Officer Class 2 Eric Whitehouse, Company Sergeant Major, Corunna Company, 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of Wellington's), said:

"Private Frampton had only recently transferred to Corunna Company, but he quickly established himself as a key character. He was a happy and an outgoing soldier who was always up for a laugh.

"He was an experienced Warrior gunner and had been an asset to the Javelin Platoon. He was a man that you simply cannot forget."

Sergeant Stewart Watts, Platoon Sergeant, 7 Platoon, Corunna Company, 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of Wellington's), said:

"Framps was something of a platoon legend. He could be relied upon to bring morale when spirits were low and he was always at the centre of things. 7 Platoon could really do with Framps at present. In the short time he has spent with the Platoon he has made lasting friends. He is a legend."

Corporal Paul Johnstone, Fire Support Group Platoon, 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of Wellington's Regiment), said:

"Framps was not just a colleague, he was a soldiers' soldier, a good man and a close friend. I will remember him for his outrageous laugh and crazy smile. Things will not be the same without him around. My thoughts go out to his family and friends back at home. Sadly missed but never forgotten."

Lance Corporal Jonasa Sikivou, 7 Platoon, Corunna Company, 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of Wellington's), said:

" 'Framdog', you never said goodbye. Who will be our morale booster now you have left? Anthony mate, buddy I never saw you angry but always with a smile on your face. Words out of your mouth gave us laughs and lifted out spirits whenever we were down. You'll be sorely missed and our heartfelt sympathies and condolences go out to your family. Love you buddy."

Lance Corporal Luke Wilkinson, 7 Platoon, Corunna Company, 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of Wellington's), said:

"Nothing could bring him down from his own little world. Sometimes I could just sit and watch him without him knowing and just laugh at him. He just had the natural ability to make the best of a bad situation. All he cared about was his mum and told us all daily how much fun he was going to have on Rest and Recuperation.

"As for me, he will always have a special place in my heart, because right now there's a large hole in it he has left behind. I just hope that in time it will heal. He will always be remembered and loved by me and all his colleagues, as he has left a huge gap in our lives that only he could fill."

Private Matthew Riley, Fire Support Group Platoon, 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of Wellington's), said:

"Private Frampton, AKA 'Framps' or 'Frampdog' was one of my closest friends in and out of work. Everything I have done in the Army was with him. No matter how bad the morale was he always made you smile, there was never a dull moment when he was around. He was like a brother to all of us. A lot of people will remember him for always being in green shorts - he went everywhere in them. He was always close to his mum, sister and Uncle Pat. He always spoke of them and could not wait to get home to see them. RIP mate, you will be missed by everyone."

Private Aaron Flather, Fire Support Group Platoon, 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of Wellington's), said:

"The thing about Private Frampton was he loved making people laugh, he would do anything to make you smile. He was one of the people you could rely on and felt safe around. He was never a quiet person and loved having fun. One of my all-time favourite guys, loved forever, best friend ever.

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