As Listed in The Times - February 28th 2008


House of Commons - Publication of Report, "Ministry of Defence: Chinook Mk 3 HC 247, Thursday 5th March.

House of Lords - Oral questions on the safety of Iranian reidents at Camp Ashraf in Iraq, Baronness Harris of Richmond, Monday 2nd March.

Talks and Lectures

Medicine with a mission - suffragettes as army surgeons. - A lunchtime lecture at the Hunterian Museum, the Royal College of Surgeons, London, Thursday 5th March

Exhibitions and Films

Society of Friends Archive Film Evening - RAF Museum, London NW9, Wednesday 4th March

Cockleshell Canoes - Natiaonal Maritime Museum, Falmouth, Cornwall, until April 23rd


Britain's Historic Ships: The Ships The Shaped the Nation: A Complete Guide - Paul Brown (Conway Maritime Press Ltd)

The Glorious Book of Great British Weapons - George Courtauld (Edbury Press)

Ceremonies and parades

Second Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers - Farewell pre-Afghanistan deployment parade through Hounslow, West London, 4pm Thursday 5th March.

Ministerial and official visits
RAF Valley - The Prince of Wales visits, Monday 2nd March
RAF Lyneham - The Minister for Armed Forces, Bob Ainsworth visits, Monday 2nd March
RAF High Wycombe - The Under-Secretary of State (Minister for Veterans), Kevan Jones, visits the Service Families Accomodation, Friday 6th March


Operational honours Announced - Personnel from all three Services are honoured for their contributions to operations and non-operational events, Friday 6th March