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Cdre W N Entwisle OBE, MVO to succeed Air Cdre M Wigston CBE as PSO to CDS wef 5 Jan 2015

Cdre G A Robinson OBE to succeed Cdre J J F Blunden LVO as Dep Cdr UK Maritime Force wef Feb 2015

Cdre M A W Bath to succeed Brig R A Magowan CBE as Cdre Naval personnel Strategy wef 5 Jan 2015

Brig R A Magowan CBE to succeed Brig N R Davies CBE MC as CO Jt Forces Intel Gp wef 12 Jan 2015

Cdre J P Pentreath OBE to succeed Cdre R S Alexander OBE as CO RNAS Yeovilton wef September 2015

Captain I J Kennedy QHNS QARNNS RN to be promoted Cdre, succeed Air Cdre J E Gaffney QHP as IG,Surgeon Gen Dept wef 9 Feb 15