Chemring secures $804m US forces contract
Chemring, which makes countermeasures and pyrotechnics for the military, has won a contract worth up to $804m (504m) over five years to supply the US Department of Defence with infrared decoy flares.
Financial Times

ASEAN aims to be major producer and exporter of defence products
Malaysia plans to set up the Asean Security and Defence Industry Council (ASDIC) in an effort to make this region the world's major producer and exporter of defence equipment and products in the future.
MY sinchew

U.S. Extends Probe into BAE Systems

Fraud investigators in America have widened their inquiry into BAE Systems in a move that will further damage the defence giant's reputation and overshadow the company's attempts to win contracts in its most important market.

Business Week

Pentagon arms buyer eyes detailed program reviews

The Pentagon's chief arms buyer on Monday said he was beginning detailed, hands-on reviews of the U.S. military's many troubled weapons programs to get a handle on chronic schedule delays and cost overruns.


Boeing sees rising demand for transport copter

Boeing Co said on Monday that international demand is rising for its Chinook transport helicopters and that a revamp of a U.S. plant will enable it to increase production of the aircraft.


'Billions lost' on armed forces homes

The government is said to have lost over 3bn from the sale of armed forces homes to a private equity company in 1996.

Defence Management

Army Apaches get a 439m Boost

The Army's Apache attack helicopters operating in Afghanistan will benefit from a 439m contract that will further improve their technical, engineering and logistic support, the MoD announced.

MoD Press Release

Per head military spending in Afghanistan: how the UK compares

When soldiers are demanding more boots on the ground direct from the defence secretary, it's time to look at the numbers. And the numbers say: Britain spends less per head equipping its soldiers in Afghanistan to fight the Taliban than either of the other major forces there.

The Guardian

MoD's internal guide to preventing leaks - is leaked on the internet

The Ministry of Defence's internal guide to preventing leaks has been released on the internet. The 560,000-word Defence Manual of Security marked "Restricted" was put on the Wikileaks website, which campaigns for freedom of information.

The Times