Click to read: NATO Research Paper No 17, April 2005 - 'A road map for Ukraine':

Perhaps the title of this paper is unfortunate as it does not provide a roadmap as such, but identifies a series of obstacles that the Ukraine will have to overcome to achieve its ambitions.

It lays out with great clarity the Ukraine's recent history post-independence and the 'Orange Revolution' of people power that resulted in Yushchenko becoming President. It highlights the legacy issues associated with the USSR power structures that will make the necessary reforms a very difficult challenge. The paper provides a useful commentary on the many internal reforms that are essential as well as on Ukraine's developing relations with both Russia and NATO. It demonstrates how Russia can still exert pressure on the Ukraine but suggests that Putin's policy will be more pragmatic than previously. However, its relations with NATO are far more complex not least because the armed forces are reluctant to accept democratic accountability and civilian control. At the same time NATO is failing to acknowledge Ukraine's security concerns despite Ukraine's pro-NATO policy, but NATO has more important issues that are presently of more pressing concern.