And the winner, from the Defence Information Superiority Conference 2011,  is...

Major General (Retd) Bill Robins led tactical communications units in parachute, machanised, armoured and infantry formations of the British Army. 

His ability to screw up friendly communications led to his being given command of the Army's Electronic Warfare regiment in the hope that he would do the same to the UK's opponents.

During a spell in Whitehall, he led the requirements team for a strategic protected Whitehall bunker and attempted to unify UK Defence information services across MoD< cabinet Office and other Government systems and into the theatres of operation.

On leaving the Army he was appointed Chairman of the Royal Signals institution and worked as a consultant for HM Treasury before joining Marconi and then BAE Systems. He now runs his own consultancy specialising in Defence and Security Information Management. He is currently working in support of the MoD Key Systems Advisor. He is an Associate Fellow of RUSI, a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists and a Visiting Professor at Cranfield University, assigned to the UK Defence Academy.

He is absurdly proud of his ability to breed the ebst garden compaost in Buckinghamshire. He reads a lot and limps up and down hills.