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ADDISON Major T M B Addison died 17 July 2020 aged 37 Royal Marines 

BASHALL Talbot Henry Bashall 19 July 1926 - 6 September 2020 Personal guard to war criminal Field Marshal Kesselring later Palestine

BERRYMAN Able Seaman Vale Mostyn (Moss) Berryman MiD Royal Australian Navy 9 November 1923 - 6 August 2020 Last survivor of Op Jaywich special forces raid on Singapore harbour sinking 3, damaging 3 Japanese ships

BING Cdr Peter Bing died 17 July 2020 aged 94

BOCOCK Robert 7 January 1919 - 7 September 2020 RAF 242 Sqn Captured in Java Changi prison Singapore, Japan by "hell ship" Liberated after atomic bombs dropped

BOTTOMLEY John Anthony Bottomley 1927 - August 2020 Fleet Air Arm. post war Border Regt, Black Watch 3 years

BRIDGE Ronald William Bridge MBE, AFC 3 March 1934 - 27 September 2020 RAF officer As a child interned in Japanese concentration camp. 216 Sqn Singapore Canada later chair, Far East Association campaigning for compensation for other internees

BROOKE Cdr (Francis) Richard Brooke 14 January 1927 - 29 June 2020 HMS Warspite off Normandy. HMS Norfolk RSS John Biscoe HMS Scott HMS Undine, HMS Dainty, HMS Hermes

DALTON Vice Admiral Sir Geoffrey Thomas James Oliver Dalton 14 April 1931 - 26 September 2020 Korea, China, Cyprus. Cdr HMS Relentless off Rhodesia HMS Nubian HMS Jupiter. ACNS. NATO Deputy SAC. Atlantic

DIXON-BROWN Capt Cecil Lewis Dixon-Brown RM died 14th August 20202 aged 98

ELLWOOD Brig Patrick John Elwood died 10 July 2020 aged 90

FLETCHER Augustus James Voisey Fletcher GM OBE 23 December 1928 - 9 August 2020 aged 91. Intelligence officer MI5 Palestine Police, Malayan Police (Op Googly) Leter MI6 inc positive vetting

HYDE-PRICE Lt Cdr Geoffrey Hyde-Price died 30th September 2020

KEEVIL Julian Keevil died 28 September 2020 aged 72. Lt, Royal Marines Reserves Greater London

KEMP Col (Freddie) Frederick Charles Kemp OBE 18 January 1954 - 18 September 2020 Royal Engineers, Parachute Regt Falklands, Northern Ireland Brunei Gulf War (c.o. 34 Field Sqn) Later reservist 10 Para

KING Stuart Sendall-King 13 March 1922 - 29 August 2020 Engineering officer 247 Sqn landed in Normandy June 1944. Netherlands, N Germany

LONGSTAFF (later Reed) Ellen Elizabeth Reed 9 May 1916- 30 August 2020 Degree in French and German Bletchley Park 1939-45 Hut 5 , Hut 3, personnel officer

MORIARTY Brigadier Joan Olivia Elsie Moriarty CB, RRC 11 May 1923 - 19 July 2020  Gibralter, Malaya, Singapore, CyprusLater Matron-in-chief of the Army, Director Army Nursing Services

NASH James Gardiner Nash MBE 30 July 1934 - 24 August 2020 12th Lancers Malaya counter-terrorism in Aden

NAPIER Maj Gen Lennox Napier CB, OBE, MC 28 June 1928 - 21 July 2020 South Wales Borderers (last CO 1st Bn) Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt, Malaya, Singapore Belfast later GOC Wales

NEWTON Air Vice Marshal Barry Hamilton Newton CB CVO OBE died 25 August 2020 aged 88

PARRY-EVANS Air Chief Marshal Sir David Parry-Evans GCB, CBE 19 July 1935 - 29 August 2020 205 Sqn Singapore 214 Sqn Victor tankers. CO RAF Marham. Director of Defence Policy CO No 1 Group C-in-C RAF Germany. RAF Head of Personnel

POTTER Caotain Susan Potter 2 Oct 1946 - 18 July 2020 QARANC

RAWANG Datuk Awang anak Rawang GC 20 April 1929 - 18 September 2020 Civilian Sarawak tracker in Malaya May 1951. Rescued Private Hughes and fought off terrorists for 45 minutes. Later enlisted in Sarawak Ranger (Sergeant)

REEVE-TUCKER Lt Col Michael Reeve-Tucker died 30 September 2020 aged 71 CO Royal Hampshire Regt/Prince of Wales Royal Ret

RICE Maj Gen Sir Desmond Rice KCVO CBE 1 December 1924 - 14 July 2020 QDG Naples Formed and commanded Royal Yeomanry DMO MOD N Ireland latterly vice-adjutant general

ROBERTS Lt Cdr Gwilym Roberts CBE died 31st July 2020 aged 95

ROBERTS Cpl Eldon "Bob" Roberts Legion d'Honneur 31 March 1923 - 2nd August 2020 2nd man to land on Juno Beach D Day (Canadian Army) Wounded near Rhine Feb 45

ROBINSON Col Nigel George Duglas Robinson MBE died 24th August 2020 aged 80

ROGERSON Cdr Jeremy Rogerson died 25th September 2020 aged 88

ROWE Cdr Tony Rowe RN died 18 September 2020 aged 73

SALE John Sale 1928 - September 2020 National Sevice RAF Berlin blockade 1949

SCOTT Sqn Ldr Allan Scott DFM 27 July 1921 - 8 Sept 2020 124 Sqn Biggin Hill Spitfires (as Sgt) Northern France 1941, to Malta on HMS Eagle 3 tours 122 Sqn Mustangs escorting bombers over Germany. Retired 1976 having flown over 80 aircraft types

SELLERS Lt Cdr John Michael Sellers died 3rd Agust 2020 aged 78

WEEKES Sir Everton de Courcey Weekes KCMG GCM OBE 26 Febuary 1925 - 1 July 2020 Barbados Bn, Caribbean Regt in wartime. Later record breaking West Indian batsman

WIGHTMAN Major Lintorn Wightman died 8 July 2020 aged 90 Royal Engineers

WITTICH Cdre Thomas Steven Wittich OBE died 11 July 2020 aged 73

WRIGHT Lt Col John Bernard Wright died 17 September 2020

WYNN Lt Col John H Wynn died 9th September 2020. Ex RAOC and DG(A) Tower of London