The UK land/sea defence show started this morning at the ExCel Centre in London. Bravely battling through queues for Security (not true - much easier than last time - Ed.) the Great North News Services team will be looking for the new and different. Bearing in mind everything is "ground breaking" "innovative" and even "radical", we're going to distill and reduce as much as we can. New products we've noted can be found on the next page, which will be updated through the show. Some themes will be drawn out in the next article, and we'll be on the look-out for new order announcements. And the back end of the show, we'll be reporting on why exhibitors were here, and what success will look like for them.

Link Microtek unveil lightweight headset for use in ATC and UAV control rooms.

Reaction International introduce a 6 person hovercraft made from a carbon fibre/Kevlar composite.

Tacprogear launch a range of new products such as ballistic helmets, body armour bags and packs.

Thuraya Telecommunications adds to its portfolio of mobile satellite broadband terminals.

MTL announced SMARTbend cold forming for intricate shapes in hard materials.

Dunant Corp presented a new Thermobaric aerial bomb (not demonstrated...).

Barco and the optronics business of Thales UK partner to provide turnkey Local Situational Awareness solutions for armoured vehicles.

Exelis has developed new technology to allow its tactical communications systems to continue operating in a heavily jammed or high-interference environment.

General Dynamics introduces a Mobile Test Rig (MTR) - the precursor to a prototype SCOUT Specialist Vehicle, for trials

CTruk give first public demo to THOR high speed vessel alongside ExCel

Atlas Elektronik demonstrated new Atlas Remote Combined Influence Minesweeping System (2 of which sold to unnamed customers)

VeeCraft Marine lunched fully armoured patrol boat for high-value asset protection

Cassidian unveiloed K band naval surveillance radar

Suvitec showed new Special Ops Life Preserver in itss Crewsaver range

Zodiac milpro added "interceptor" confugutaion to its Hurricane RIB range

Marshall Arospace and Defence Group and Phillios Healthcare show world's first deployable full body scanner

Chess Dynamics exhibited Sea Eagle Fire Control Radar Optic for the first time

OSG of Israel; launch range of ballistic windows

Reutech Radar Systems announce reimeter intrusion monitoring system

Cassidian launch improved encryption device

BAE Systems Regional Aircraft unveil air-to-air refuelling version of BAE 146/Avro RJ

Quorate Technology introduce speech recognition software which automatically produces writen transcripts of recordings

L-3 announce Catapan Global High Grade encryption

Gerber Legendary Blades introduce Downrange Tomahawk multipurpose breaching tool

Durabrook (Twinhead International) show odd TA10 fully rugged tablet PC

Radixon will produce Excalibur Ultra software defined short-wave receiver this autumn

Beretta Defense Technologies have a new configurable assault rifle

Gaia Convertor release GPACK intefgrated power supply

Adimec have electro-optic sensor modules for full motion daylight videa

Elbit Systems launch low profile satellite-on-th-move antenna

Scanna MSC have upgraded its SCANWEDGE portable X-ray


Cassidian launches Reverse IFF which enables sophisticated early detection of friendly forces before weapon employment thus avoiding casualties from friendly fire

Zip unveils lightweight non-toxic Military Cooking Fuel from sustainable bio-fuel

Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding introduce Compact SIGMA standardised design for 600-1500 tonne vessels

Nexter Robotics launch small low cost 4-wheeled UGV in their NERVA family

Rolls Royce unveil new design for maritime patrol craft

Avon Protection launches  a combined helmet  for CBRN and riot control

Rippel Effects Systems has qualified its XRG40 grenade launcher for  avariety of ammunition

Megaray introduces handheld searchlight with 3km range

Chemring Technology brings forward lightweight version of its Resolve EW range

Sonistics displays new Telson underwater telephone, currenntly on sea trials

Thermoteknix debuts Quick-View eyepiece for clip-on thermal imager

MicroEpsilon launches non-contact infra-red sensor

Pyser-SGI launches high definition ultra compact thermal weapon siught

Lifesaver Systems extnds range of vessels to produce safe drinking water

Cassidian launches Ectocryp yellow next generation encryption to communicate top secret information rapidly and securely.

OptaSense, part of QinetiQ, launches a new fence-mounted Perimeter Intruder Detection System,

Supacat introduces Light Reconnaissance Vehicle 400, for special forces, border patrol, reconnaissance, rapid intervention and light strike roles.

Elbit Systems launches low profile, small footprint, lightweight military satellite antenna

BMT Nigel Gee signs partnership with Ares Shipyard to design and build six 18m patrol boats from advanced composites, for the Bahrain Coast Guard

Wood & Douglas announces Wi-Fi enabled variant of its Portable All-terrain Wireless System (P.A.W.S.) a live video link designed to be worn bymilitary and search trained dogs

James Fisher Defence announces its new range of Swimmer Delivery Vehicles known as The SEAL Pod.

Kelvin Hughes launches SharpEye small craft variant solid state radar

BAE Systems Detica unveil IndustrialProtect cyber security for industrial control systems

Nexter Systems' pv funded Titus wheeled armoured vehicle unveiled

UTC Aerospace Systems launches TITAN inertial measurement unit for MBDA's Team CW missiles

SVOS introduces 2nd generation VEGA (vehicle with enhanced ground performance and protection)

Jankel launches 3rg generation BLASTech seat for military vehicles

Thales introduces Sophie Lite multifunction surveillance and target location system

Morgan Advance Materials shows off a new AC900 combat helmet

General Dynamics UK launches family of secure data recorders, teamed with ViaSat UK Limited for encryption