Thursday update :

Rolls Royce Turbomeca get 6-year £367m order from UK MoD to maintain Apache and Merlin helicopter fleets on and off bases

BAE Systems win £22m job form UK MoD contracting for 320-day annual availability for River Class OPVs

General Dynamics Land Systems to supply 24 Foxhound vehicles worth £23 million to UK MoD, bringing fleet to 400

BAE Systems awarded $34.5m contract by US Office of Naval Research for phase 2 development of electromagnetic railgun

Selex ES get £12.2m contract from UK MoD for in-service support of RN gunfire control system

Raytheon awarded 2nd production contract for Excalibur Ib artillery round, worth $54m

Airborne Systems, a division of HDT Global, has been awarded a $41.7 million contract by the U.S. Navy to supply its Mk59 naval floating corner reflector decoy system which will be fitted fitted to U.S. frigates/destroyers over the next 5 years.

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Easat awarded £19 million plus sub contract by Raytheon for deployable antennas for D-RAPCON (deployable radar approach control)

Raytheon (Airizona) wins $136.2m contract to upgrade 19 Phalanx CIWS with $94.8m option for 12 more plus 4 SeaRAM systems next year.

Raytheon UK wins £7m contract for GPS assisted inertial navigation systems for export

MBDA £250m contract for Sea Ceptor local area anti-air missile system for RN

Firetrace Aerospace wins enabling contrcat from US DoD for fuel tank fire supression systems worth up to $22.3m

Rheinmetall Denel Munitions have 50m euro contract to supply MENA customer with 120mm ammunition variants


Unvalued sales (What's the big secret? Ed):

Raytheon UK to supply 100 more ADAP systems to US government

Barrett Communications has 3 year sole source contract to supply 750 HF transceivers to unnamed East Africa police force

Barrett Communications to fulfill "multi million dollar" UOR from anonymous Central Asia government for HF mobile and bas stations and manpacks

Airborne Systems to supply Mk59 floating corner decoy system to US Navy

Fazer Nash to provide DSTL with HydraDyna software package for high-speed craft assessment

German Govt gives MBDA production contract for Meteor BVRAAM

Denel Land Systems to supply 238 Badger 8x8 infantry combat vehicles to South Africa NDF

MTL to fabricate some armoured vehicle hulls for an OEM somewhere in the world

Avon Protection wins contract to supply 52,000 respirators and filters to another anonymous Middle Eastern customer

Ferranti Technologies to ferry non-combat freight to UK troops in Helmand – shift 300 tonnes in first month of operation

Selex ES says Royal Navy will be launch customer for 18 new Hawk S thermal cameras

Terma selected for upgrade programmes in Indonesia and Denmark which will feature its SCANTER 4100 surveillance radar

ATLAS ELEKTRONIKUK Ltd announced that it had secured two contracts for the supply of its Cerberus Mod 2 Diver Detection Sonar systems

Netline Communications Rechnologies has won contracts to supply reactive IED jammers and mobile phone interception systems to NATO countries

Raytheon taken first order for its latest GPS anti jam device and 100 advanced digital antennae

Enterprise control systems gets MoD contract for overseas customer for RF inhibition systems

Other deals : 

Abu Dhabi Autonomous Systems Investments signs a five-year product development and marketing agreement with Icarus Training Systems.

Australian Munitions and Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd sign agreement to cooperate in Australia and New Zealand for the development, manufacturing and marketing of  40mm low velocity, extended range, and air bursting ammunition.

MoD/DSTL and Kennametal Manufacturing UK Lt to joint fund £2m ceramic armour development centre of excellenceJames Fisher Defence signs agreement to distribute Kokam products inc lithium powered batteries in the UK

ADASI link with Piaggio Aero to produce multirole patrol aircraft based on P180 turboprop

QinetiQ establish Maritime Autonomy Centre at Haslar

Tornado d o o teams with PrimeTech to clear areas of mine-contaminated land in Croatia

Heckler & Kock and New Century to provide global training services for H&K weapons

Dynamic Air Engineering acquire Colston Engineering Services

Colt Defense team with Truvelo Manufacturers to sell their products in southern Africa