(Total to date 700M +)

Score Marine Ltd 12,000 valves of various designs for each ship - 16m

Babcock Strachan and Henshaw waste management system - 15m

(sub contractors include Hanworthy Water Systems Ltd waste water treatment

Deerburg Systems solid waste and food waste systems

GEA Westfalia oily water separation

MRH Marine black water vacuum collection

QinetiQ pyrolsis)

Marine Systems Technology Ltd inside fire doors and hatches - 14m

McGeoch Technology Ltd ship lighting and distribution panels - 3m

Pipex Ltd glass reinforced expoxy pipes and fittings - 2m

Kempsafe laundry equipment - 0.79m

CED Fabrications Ltd galley furniture - 0.5m

Tilindus Ltd TV, radio and digital storage - 0.484

Selex Communications Ltd wireless communications design - 0.343m

MCT Brattberg Ltd cable transit frames - 0.28m