Britten-Norman –
Britten-Norman is a specialist in aircraft modifications. Today it is an international aerospace company with a broad range of aviation interests centred on its manufacturing operation.

ICx Technologies -
Well known for its CBRNE sensors (especially for the Fido explosives detector); and its SkyWatch and Cerberus Towers, which are used in Iraq, Afghanistan.

Nordic Power Systems –

Nordic Power Systems (NPS) will at this years' DSEi show the first silent diesel fuel cell power generator (APU) of its kind. A prototype with 1 kW electric output will be displayed. The system is virtually emission free apart from CO2, which is reduced significantly due to high efficiency.

Deutsch –

Deutsch will launch the RSC Illustris™ Expanded Beam connector to enhance the ever popular RSC physical contact connector. The RSC Illustris™ incorporates EBOSA (patent pending) technology from GigaCom, the Swedish based Fibre Optic component manufacturer and builds on the popular Deutsch RSC physical contact connector.

Imint, Image Intelligence AB –

Imint will launch their new revolutionary real-time video enhancement Ihvert® which can double the performance of small aerial reconnaissance systems and extend the range of larger systems.

Ferranti Technologies –

Ferranti Technologies, a leading supplier of power, control and avionics products to the aerospace and defence markets will be exhibiting a new product, GATR. GATR is a 'Guided Advanced Tactical Rocket' which can be used for air-to-ground or ground launched missions, against softly or lightly armoured, stationary or fast moving targets.