Saturday, 23 October 2021
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The first of the British Army's new Foxhound vehicles have arrived in Afghanistan,the MoD UK has announced.Foxhound is at the cutting edge of protected patrol vehicle technology and providesunprecedented levels of blast protection for its size and weight. After being flownout from RAF Brize Norton in a C-17 aircraft, these patrol vehicles are currentlyundergoing final testing in the dusty and hot conditions of the Helmand desertbefore being deployed on operations later in the year.

Foxhound has been specifically designed and built in Britain to protect against the
threats our troops face in Afghanistan. However, this is an agile and versatile
vehicle that will be a mainstay in the Army for years to come. Being lighter and
smaller than other protected vehicles such as Mastiff and Ridgeback, Foxhound brings
a whole new capability to the Army and is ideal for soldiers operating in mentoring
and partnering roles as it makes it easier for them to engage with Afghan National
Security Forces and the local Afghan population.

General Dynamics Land Systems: Force Protection Europe, who produce Foxhound, have
worked with engineers from the World Rally Championship, McLaren F1, Ricardo and BMW
to incorporate Formula One racing technology so it has a top speed of 70 mph but can
still protect against IEDs thanks to its v-shaped hull.

The MoD is also able to confirm today that a 90m contract for an additional 100
Foxhound has been signed. It means a total of 300 vehicles will now be delivered to
the Army as part of a deal with GDLS:FPE worth 270m that is sustaining around 750
highly-skilled jobs across the UK.

Other innovative design features mean that the Foxhound's engine can be removed and
replaced in just 30 minutes and it can drive away from an ambush on only three

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said:

"Foxhound's arrival in Afghanistan is great news for our soldiers. This Government
has spent 270m on 300 of these hi-tech, British-built vehicles to help keep our
troops properly protected. Our servicemen and women deserve the best protection we
can get them."

Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Peter Wall said:

"Foxhound gives the British Army the very latest levels of protection on Operations.
This has been a well run programme that will play a key role in equipping the Army
of 2020."

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