Tuesday, 28 September 2021
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Quite rightly there is much focus on those who die on operations while serving their country in Afghanistan - here at Defence Viewpoints we highlight every such incident and publish extensive eulogies to those who fall.

But we've also noted previously that there are a large number of wounded who don't get anything like the attention. Hedley Court does superb work, and is now getting more of the funds which, as a charity, it needs.

The MoD now quietly publishes on its website, slightly in arrears, details of non fatal casualties.

From 7 October 2001 to 15 June 2009, there were 168 deaths (132 KIA and 9 died of wounds)

There were 210 very seriously, and 673 seriously wounded and 2,488 field hospital admissions, resulting in 2,125 aeromed evacuations.

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