Monday, 20 May 2024
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According to the latest Populus opinion poll of 1509 British adults interviewed by telephone between 9 and 11 October (and published in The Times):

* 36 % think British troops should be withdrawn from Afghanistan now (up 7% since last month - 40% of women agree with this)

* 32% say that a timetable should be set for withdrawing British troops within the next year or so, regardless of the situation in Afghanistan at the time (down 8%)

* 27 % (but 40% amongst men) think British troops should remain until the Taleban is defeated and the situation is stable, even if this takes many years (down 1%)

In other words, there seems to have been a sharp swing from "withdraw soon" to "withdraw now" The September poll had ben taken immediately after 41 troops had been killed in Afghanistan in July and August.

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