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The Institute of War and Peace Reporting has an interesting blog about Iran (http://www.mianeh.net/en/)

Amongst their latest postings are:

Goodbye to YouTube
Amir Mansouri | Tehran | 29 January 2009
In November, the Iranian authorities placed the video-sharing website YouTube on the list of officially blocked sites, in a bid to stop people looking at it or worse still, uploading their own images.

Another Term for Ahmadinejad?
Fardad Farehi | Tehran | 29 January 2009
As Iran’s conservative and reformist factions try to come up with a single candidate for the June presidential election, it’s becoming clear that each of the two broad groupings is driven with internal power-struggles.

Talk of Obama in Tehran Taxis
Sara Shams | Tehran | 29 January 2009
As in many other cities throughout the world, people in Tehran get much of their news from radio programmes they hear in taxis. But unlike in other places, passengers here also receive lengthy and sometimes contradictory analyses of current affairs from taxi drivers and fellow passengers.

Who’s Afraid of BBC Persian TV?
Amir Mansouri | Tehran | 29 January 2009
Politicians, officials and BBC radio fans in Tehran tuned into the first airing of the British broadcaster’s new TV channel on the evening of January 14.

Outspoken Cleric Draws Reformist Fans
Fardad Farehi | Tehran | 24 January 2009
Ex-minister, once jailed for his views, urged to declare himself a presidential candidate.

Health Workers Hail Bid to Counter HIV Spread
Maryam Jalali | Tehran | 24 January 2009
Tehran’s House of th e Sun is a safe haven for women addicted to drugs.

Hard-Line Youth Take on “Pro-Israel” Firms
Amir Mansouri | Tehran | 23 January 2009
A group of young Iranians are mounting a campaign against the international food manufacturer Nestle, accusing it of Zionist sympathies. Their stand is in stark contrast to the views of the many young people who are avid buyers of western-brand goods, especially the latest fashions.


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