Thursday, 29 July 2021
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Al Jazeera

(The most watched TV Channel in the Arab world is being targeted by the Anti-Qatar Block)

The thirteen demands placed by the Saudi coalition to Qatar via Kuwait, included the closure of Al Jazeera and publications and websites "directly or indirectly supported by Qatar". Saudi Arabia and its partners demanded that Qatar must shut down the Doha-based al Jazeera channel and the London-based The New Arab Satellite TV Channel "Alaraby Television Network" which broadcast from London.

According to recent media reports; Press freedom and human rights advocates, journalists and social media users have condemned the outrageous demand by the anti-Qatar alliance to shut Al Jazeera network and other media outlets in Qatar and in London.

Even the UN High Commissioner Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein has called the demand by a Saudi-led bloc to close Al Jazeera an "unacceptable attack on the right to freedom of expression and opinion".

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By Nehad Ismail.UK based writer/broadcaster and commentator on Middle Eastern Affairs

Al Jazeera with some help from NATO has succeeded in bringing down the Gaddafi clan that ruled Libya for 42 years with an amalgamation of fear, death squads, assassinations, unexplained disappearances of opponents, torture and fear. The next mission for Al Jazeera is the toppling of the Syrian tyrant Bashar al Assad. This regime is equally blood thirsty but is more cunning and calculating than the former Libyan regime.

I must confess that up to a year or so ago I had been somewhat uneasy about some of the Al Jazeera Arabic output. This has now changed. I am now an ardent admirer of the Station's honourable stance in taking the side of the people against the dictators in such an unambiguous and decisive manner.

Al Jazeera has been criticised for many reasons. One is lack of impartiality and objectivity in covering the unfolding events in Syria and Libya. I argue that this is not the case. For a start, Libya and Syria prevented Al Jazeera's teams from doing their job in covering the mass protests against their dictatorial regimes. Despite that, the Channel has given plenty of space for the pro-regime spokespersons and defenders to have their say and peddle their lies. There have been two resignations at Al Jazeera in protest at the presumed biased coverage of the uprisings in Syria and Libya. The Channel has not been shaken by the departure of the two disgruntled broadcasters and continued with its mission to bring down the tyrants of Tripoli and Damascus.

This is not to say that other Channels notably Al Jazeera English, Al Arabiya and BBC Arabic are not doing a sterling job. Their coverage of the uprising has been of the highest professional standards, but less strident and more restrained than Al Jazeera Arabic. Al Jazeera and al Al Arabiya have played a pivotal role in the popular Arab uprisings. Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya were described as contemptible dogs by Gaddafi and Bashar al Assad.

Since it came into existence in 1996 Al Jazeera Arabic Satellite Channel has played a critical role in shaping public opinion in the Middle East,

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