Saturday, 18 September 2021
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Brigadier Robert Bruce

LSGT_Small_and_Guardsman_Nelson"The doctors at Headley Court told me my soldiering days were over," says ColourSergeant Thomas O'Donnell of the reconnaissance platoon of the Scots Guards.Thomas, from Pollok, was caught in enemy ?re at Nad-e Ali in Helmand in 2010while pointing out to his platoon commander the whereabouts of some freshly laidIEDs . A round smashed his femur, splitting his knee in two. After a year in rehab atHeadley, suffering many complications and losing two inches off his left leg, CSGTO'Donnell's ?rst walk unaided was down the aisle with his daughter Siobhan at herwedding. Now he's getting ready to go back.

Elayne Jude of Great North News Services joined 4 Mechanised Brigade as they completed their last exercise before deploying toAfghanistan. During it, Brigadier Bob Bruce summed up their mission, and their mood:Continuity, and con?dence.

(Pictured : L Sgt Scott Small & Guardsman David Nelson(c) 17dragons Photography)

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