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As Listed in The Times - March 14th 2008


House of Commons - Russia: A new confrontation? Defence Select Committee, Tuesday.

House of Lords - Oral questions, HMS Endurance, Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, Tuesday; oral questions, Strength of battalions deployed overseas, Lord Astor of Hever, Thursday; EU Sub-Committee C, Foreign Affairs, Defence and Development Policy, Thursday

Public Accounts Committee - Report on Nuclear Deterrent published, Thursday

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House of Commons - Monday: Public Accounts Committee, Type 45 destroyer, Sir Bill Jeffrey; Tuesday: Defence Select Committee, Russia: A new confrontation?; Wednesday: Foreign Affairs Select Committee, Global security: Afghanistan; Thursday: debate, arms export controls

House of Lords - Wednesday: oral questions, export of arms to Israel, Lord Hylton; Thursday: debate, nuclear proliferation, Baroness Williams of Crosby, Lord Malloch-Brown

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As published in The Times - April 18th 2009

House of Commons - Monday: Debate on defence procurement
House of Lords - Monday: Civilian staff in conflict prevention and peacekeeping operations, Lord Hannay of Chiswick

Talks and lectures
Growing Remembrance - Hinton Ampner, Hampshire, Thursday
Heroic Hearts: The British Army's Victory in Afghanistan 1880 - National Army Museum, London SW3, Thursday
Afghanistan — In Their Words Royal Marines talk of their experiences - The Royal Marines Museum, Southsea, Hampshire,

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