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With less than a week to go before this year's defence "biggie" the trickle of media advisories has become a veritable spate. We've decided we'll share some with you, make of them what you will! We're concentrating on the small players to begin with, not because we don't appreciate the hospitality invitations from the prime contractors, but because we like to champion those further down the food chain too!

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NDR Resource International, Inc - www.ndr-resource.com
Exhibiting – 1. Electronic Warfare RCIED Jamming System. 2."Archangel" EOD Robotic: a light weight/fast response EOD Robot. 3. ED-6 Explosive/Drugs Detection System: the most advanced explosive/drugs detection system using spectrum analysis technology.

SIE Computing Solutions - www.sie-computing.com
SIE is an innovative leader in the design and manufacture of open architecture based computing platforms and system packaging for rugged environments and will launch a new line of ATR enclosures for VPX technology, and will feature a new 3U VPX backplane designed for conduction, air over conduction and liquid-cooled ATR chassis.

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Scott Health & Safety – www.scotthealthsafety.com
Introduce their range of Safety products for Ships Damage Control, Escape Sets and the General Service Respirator.

Barco – www.barco.com
Barco provides reliable and high-quality rugged displays, deployable workstations, advanced imaging platforms and Common-Operational-Picture solutions. Barco will be promoting its latest visualization solutions.

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Britten-Norman – www.britten-norman.com
Britten-Norman is a specialist in aircraft modifications. Today it is an international aerospace company with a broad range of aviation interests centred on its manufacturing operation.

ICx Technologies - http://www.icxt.com/
Well known for its CBRNE sensors (especially for the Fido explosives detector); and its SkyWatch and Cerberus Towers, which are used in Iraq, Afghanistan.

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GigaCom – www.gigacom.se
GigaCom will launch their 38999 EBOSA a cost effective expanded beam termini, which will expand the use of fibre optics in harsh environments.

Cochrane Steel Products – www.cochranesteel.com
Cochrane Steel Products will be unveiling their new security buoy. Constructed out of multiple floating buoys coupled together, the buoys are linked to form a barrier of any length. Buoys are supplied with a smooth surface or an array of spike to suit the threat.

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Toye Kenning & Spencer – www.toye.com
In partnership with The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association [SSAFA]-Forces Help, Toye Kenning & Spencer is saying it's 'Proud of our Troops' at DSEi 2009 with the launch of a new badge.

Aitech Defense Systems – www.rugged.com
Exhibiting the C800, a new rugged 3U single-slot CompactPCI single board computer (SBC) with data processing capabilities from 1.67 GHz to 2.20 GHz. Aitech will also have its new 6U VME single board computer (SBC) using Intel's latest T7500 low power, high performance Merom Core 2 Duo dual core processors.

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GigaCom Interconnect – www.gigacom.se
Launching its EMM™ hermaphroditic expanded beam connector, suitable for battlefield deployment. This connector shares its platform with similar connectors and can be intimated with other similar connectors.

Magna Parva – www.magnaparva.com
Magna Parva will be showing: 1.A working Martian Life Detection Instrument. 2. Micro-channel plate based optics (similar to night vision technology). 3. The R3 - a completely new restraint and release mechanism with high reliability and low power operation.

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Maybe it was the post lunch dead zone. Maybe the show had been on the road for a couple of days. Maybe it was seen through distorting lens of self fulfilling expectation. But this years Defence Systems and Equipment International Exhibition in London's Docklands does seem to be a less mighty beast than in years gone by. Even the protesters seemed to be a bit half hearted – reports of a bit of paint being thrown met by rapid consignment to a "Black Maria" or its modern equivalent.

Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted. So this correspondent's first action as to walk up and down all the aisles and round the edges. Revealing, edges are! There you can see the clever layout that has taken out a bit of a bay. And a whole other one is blanked off. Looking at the site plan it could be that several hospitality chalets weren't taken up, even though Boeing put its toe into that particular water.

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For the last several Farnborough International Air Shows, Global Hawk as graced the outside display. On the ground, not aloft.

This year, this correspondent had high hopes. Watchkeeper is cleared to fly in European civil airspace!

But where is the demo of it taking off and landing from the tarmac or even the grass alongside? Sadly it seems to have highly circumscribed permissions. It can fly from Boscombe Down over Salisbury Plain. And around Parc Aberporth. But not somewhere where ordinary folks can see it. Should be in-theatre next year, able to fly at 18,000 feet for 18 hours. At which height nobody will be able to see it!

So how about some interesting follow on questions? It has an arrestor hook. Run it off a carrier? Not yet discussed with MoD. Arm it? Part of studies of weapons mix requirements in theatre. CAS or rockets or what? Is that the rustle of long grass?

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Written by Quentin Rees

The Mk 7 two man sailing canoe

The Exhibition at The National Maritime Museum in Falmouth, Cornwall, (NMMC) is hosting a very special first time exhibition of British Military Canoes of World War 2.

The exhibition and information is based on the recently published book of the same name -

'The Cockleshell Canoes' by Quentin Rees published by Amberley at £19.99. For anyone who wants the complete history and 'gripping tale' it is recommended.

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