Friday, 22 October 2021
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industry news

Lockheed martin wins new Aircraft contract
Lockheed Martin Corp was awarded a $827,400,000 contract which will provide for the advance procurement funding for three FY10 Air Force C-130J aircraft, four FY10 HC-130J aircraft, and four FY10 MC-130J aircraft.

Iraq set to buy Russian weaponry
A military delegation from Iraq will visit Moscow in the near future to discuss the purchase of Russian weaponry, an Iraqi parliament member has said.
RIA Novosti

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Thales UK completes major safety installation programme at British airfields
hales UK today announces that it has successfully installed 25 Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) and Distance Measuring Equipment (DME at 23 locations across the UK and at RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus and Mount Pleasant Airfield, Falkland Islands under the UK Ministry of Defence's (MoD's) ILS sustainment programme.

Rotating E-Scan Radar May Push Eurofighter Exports
The new "repositionable" electronically scanned radar being proposed for the Eurofighter could make the difference for the fighter in export markets, its designers claim.
Defense News

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Nimrod report is most devastating in living memory
The families of the 14 servicemen who lost their lives when Nimrod XV230 burst into flames and crashed in Afghanistan on September 2, 2006, now know that the accident occurred because of years of complacency, safety reviews that were riddled with errors and a general lack of care towards the personnel who had to fly the aircraft in a dangerous environment, such as Afghanistan.
The Times

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BAE Systems duels General Dynamics over tanks
BAE Systems and General Dynamics are squaring up over the Fres (Future Rapid Effect System) specialist vehicles contract. On Thursday the groups will pitch their offers to the Ministry of Defence for the 2 billion first slice of the deal, for 600 vehicles. The winner is expected to be in pole position for the rest of the Fres order.
The Times

US politicians face inquiry into arms deals
More than 30 US politicians, among them seven members of a defence procurement committee, are being investigated in congressional ethics inquiries into influence-peddling, according to a document leaked accidentally on to the internet.
The Times

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