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Lockheed Martin

Recent headlines reveal a potential merger between London listed defense contractor BAE Systems and the Franco-German defense combine EADS. What does this mean for the political and defence consumer - not to mention investors ? Dr Jeffrey Bradford, Director of Research for the U K Defence Forum, considers the issue

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Data from Hannah Kidd/ IHS Jane's Defence Weekly

A400M from Airbus Military
Range 6,400 Km with 20 tonne payload, 3,300 Km with max payload of 37 tonnes
Hold volume 340 M3
Length 17.72 M
Width 4.00 M
Height 3.85 M
Cost $146 m

KC-390 from Embraer (marketing agreement with Boeing)
Range 3,704 Km with 20 tonne payload. Max payload 23 tonne
Hold volume 169 M3
Length 18.54 M
Width 3.45 M
height 3.20 M
Cost $50 M

C-130J-30 (stretched Hercules) from Lockheed Martin
Range 2,222 Km with 20.4 tonne payload. Max payload 21.8 tonne
Hold volume 170.5 M3
Length 12.19 M
Width 3.12 M
Height 2.74 M
Cost $67.5 M


A 350M MoD contract to maintain the Royal Air Force's Hercules aircraft will support 500 UK jobs, the MoD announced today. This will help support operations in Afghanistan with greater resilience through continuing maintenance of the fleet.

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Articles taken from Flight International Magazine.

1st November: Lockheed Martin eyes common architecture for F-35, F-22
Lockheed Martin is looking at revamping several of the F-22's most critical systems with hardware from the F-35.

The initiative would create a common architecture that links upgrades of the radar, electronic warfare suite and communications, navigation and identification (CNI) system to both aircraft.

3rd November: Lockheed's F-35 faces second restructuring this year
Facing a new round of cost overruns and schedule delays, the Lockheed Martin F-35 programme will finish the final two months of 2010 in much the same way as it opened the year.

One more year of development and an extra $5 billion may be added on top of previous extensions, according to the preliminary findings of a major F-35 review leaked by the Center for Defense Information (CDI), a well-connected think-tank.

12th November: F-35 cuts 'could slash US budget': report
The US government could save about $58 billion by slashing four major aerospace and defence accounts, a presidential commission advises in a draft proposal released on 10 November.

15th November: F-35B flies with Block 1.0 software
Lockheed Martin has flown an F-35 flight test aircraft with the third of five major blocks of software for the first time. The advance represents a key step, as the programme has struggled to deliver an estimated 11.6 million lines of code demanded by fusing the aircraft's advanced sensors and avionics.

22nd November: Latest deal for 31 F-35s shows slight price decline
Lockheed Martin has finalised a nearly $3.5 billion contract to deliver 31 more F-35s at a slightly lower price than last year.

The contract award, announced late on 19 November, is a key boost for Lockheed's F-35 production programme as top Department of Defense officials are scheduled to meet on 22 November to review possible new delays and cost overruns on the development side.
The $3.5 billion award is the third contract Lockheed has received as part of the fourth lot of low-rate initial production (LRIP-4), which will be delivered in fiscal year 2013.

22nd November: Fatigue cracks raise questions about key decision in F-35 redesign
Lockheed Martin has discovered fatigue cracks on an aluminium bulkhead inside a ground test aircraft for the short take-off and landing F-35B variant after 1,500h of durability testing.
25th November: F-35 production cost fall highlights pressures facing Lockheed
With the development phase of the Lockheed Martin F-35 under close scrutiny by US Department of Defense officials, a long-awaited contract award shows that production costs are falling, while the risks are shifting from the government to the contractor.

A $3.5 billion contract awarded on 19 November completes the orders of 30 F-35s from the USA and one from the UK in the fourth annual lot of low-rate initial production, or LRIP-4. Two other deals awarded earlier for LRIP-4 aircraft raise their total cost to $4.6 billion, or about $148 million each.


Afghan News Roundup for December 2013 , compiled by Elayne Jude for Great North News Service, includes HIV positives up, from Russia with lubrication, CASA ball rolling, Finmeccanica grounded

Growing Violence Against Aid Workers

Mark Bowden, U.N. humanitarian coordinator in Afghanistan, is "extremely concerned" about rising violence towards aid workers there. In statement, Bowden says the violence is taking place while Afghanistan is in a "difficult transition" during which time the need for humanitarian aid might well increase.

"We are looking at the situation with concern about what are clearly increasing numbers of aid workers affected by the conflict," said Mark Bowden, the humanitarian coordinator for the United Nations here.

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