Sunday, 24 October 2021
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UK Defence Forum

By Alex Shone, Research Associate, U K Defence Forum

The above Themed Study has been recently added to the UK Defence Forum library.

The full paper can be accessed here.


As you can see from the counter at the foot of the page, today Defence Viewpoints has hit the milestone of 50,000 page loads since it went online just less than a year ago (anything dated prior to August 2008 was back posted).

We have been amazed at how traffic has picked up, particularly in the last few weeks, and we're looking forward to our first 10,000 month (we think we'll just fall short in July)

But enough of this self-congratulation. We're here to serve you and we want to hear from you. Firstly, the comments we receive are often learned contributions to the debate, but we want more! Secondly are we including the right content for you? Email us at and let us know, we welcome any suggestions on articles you'd like us to write.

Simon Roberts - Editor


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