Sunday, 28 November 2021
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Price rise may be only option to save Airbus A400M

A higher sticker price and fewer guaranteed deliveries may be the only way to rescue Europe's new military transport plane after years of costly delays.


Iran's ability to build own S-300 air-defense systems queried

A Russian military expert questioned on Wednesday Tehran's claims that it could build its own S-300 surface-to-air missile systems. With the delivery of Russian-made S-300 systems to Iran long overdue, Tehran has said it is capable of producing clones in the near future.

RIA Novosti

Defence Procurement tops the agenda at International Armoured Vehicles

Defence procurement policy in the UK which was designed to provide troops with improved armoured vehicle military capabilities is beginning to unravel according to recent reports, and this will top the agenda at International Armoured Vehicles 2010.

Your Defence News

India Bolsters Coastal Security After 2008 Attack

India has greatly strengthened its coastal security a year since the Nov. 26 Mumbai terror attacks, which came through a sea route.

Defense News

Sweden Offers Brazil Partnership Deal

Swedish Defense Minister Sten Tolgfors will lead a high-level delegation that will meet for two days of talks, beginning Nov. 25, with Brazilian defense and state officials in Rio.

Defense News


BAE job losses rise to 2,300 with new cuts

BAE Systems today announced further job cuts, detailing plans to shed 642 staff across eight of its 11 UK sites to take the job-cuts tally to nearly 2,300 this year.

The Times

Airbus A400M countries to meet in Berlin on Dec. 2

Officials from countries who have ordered the delayed A400M military transport plane from Airbus will meet again next week to discuss the way ahead, after a report of ballooning prices hit the newsstands.


Indian Defence Minister Calls Pakistan-China Military Nexus an Area of Serious Concern

The Defence Minister AK Antony has said the nexus between China and Pakistan in the military sphere is of serious concern.


Russia's naval infantry to be totally re-armed by 2015

All units of Russia's naval infantry will be fully equipped with advanced weaponry by 2015, the Russian Navy said in a statement on Friday.

RIA Novosti

Armed forces manning at 98 per cent

The Ministry of Defence is hailing the 'continued upward trend' in recruitment and retention in Britain's armed forces after figures showed forces are currently operating at just under 98 per cent of their full-time trained strength requirement.

Defence Management


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