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Appointments at one star level (see next page, with some biographical notes) and above as well as retirements and appointments

Cdre P A McAlpine OBE ADC to succeed Cdre Hon M C N Cochrane as Commander Portsmouth Flotilla wef March 18, 2014

Cdre N L Brown ADC to be seconded to the Cabinet Office wef 13 November 2014

Cdre H R Sanguinetti attending RCDS from Jan 14

Col P S Cameron OBE RM to be promoted acting Brigadier and to succeed Cdre N L Brown as Commodore Naval Staff wef 12 November 2013, then confirmed as Brigadier and succeed Brig R Haldenby as Dep Dir Jt warfar wef June 2014

Col M E Porter CBE RM to be promoted Brigadier and succeed Cdre T J L Williamson MVO as Dep Cdr & Asst Commandant Maritime wej April 2014

Captain I J P Bisson to be promoted Cdre and succeed Air Cdre C Bray as Head of Mil Ops & Dev in SP&VA

Captain S D Wise to be promoted Acting Cdre and succeed Air Cdre A Powell as Head Service Ops, Info S & S 4 Nov 13 to March 2014

Air Cdre A S Corbett MBE to succeed Cdre H R Sanguinetti as Asst CoS J2 at PJHQ wef 11 January 2014

Gp Captain R D Mason OBE to be promoted Air Cdre and succeed Cdr J P Pentreath OBE as Capability Dir, Jt Helicopter Command wef 14 July 2014

Gp Captain S J Wilcock MBE to be promoted Air Cdre and to be A400M Prog Head in DE & S wef 18 November 2013


Cdre P A McAlpine OBE ADC. Former Commanding Officer of HMS Daring. Commanded Royal Navy's Response Force Task Group. President MCDOA (Royal Navy Minewarfare & Clearance Diving Officers' Association).

Cdre Hector Robert 'Bob' Sanguinetti. Commanding Officer HMS Grafton 1998, Type 3 frigate - age 33, youngest commanding officer at sea. In 2001 HMS Grafton ran aground, sustaining 220 000 of damage, after the navigator assured Sanguinetti the channel was 'possible but tight'. Admitted negligence, moved to MoD. Captain to Commodore 2012.

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