Saturday, 23 October 2021
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By Bill Roggio

The Long War Journal gives a daily commentary on the progress of the Pakistan army in South Waziristan. Here are the headlines : Read the full stories here :

Pakistani troops advance on Uzbek stronghold in South Waziristan - October 29, 2009

Soldiers are close to surrounding the town of Kanigoram, the scene of two Predator strikes this year. The passport of an al Qaeda operative involved in the 9/11 attacks has been found by the military at a camp in Sherwangi.

Fighting spreads in Pakistan's north west - October 31

In Khyber, seven Pakistani troops were killed in an IED attack. In South Waziristan, 21 Taliban fighters and two soldiers were killed as the military closes in on Sararogha. And in Arakzai, 12 Taliban were killed in strikes.

Army surrounds Taliban in South Waziristan - 1 November

The military said Makeen and Sararogha are now surrounded while troops have cleared half of Kanigoram.

Attack on UN guesthouse - 1 November

The attack was a joint operation between the Haqqani Network and the Lashkar al Zil. Siraj Haqqani and Ajmal, a senior Lashkar al Zil commander, have been implicated by Afghan intelligence.

Taliban strongholds of Kanigoram and China secured - 3 November

The military said the towns of Kanigoram and China are secured and that Sararogha is in the process of being cleared. The Taliban claim to have conducted strategic withdrawals from the region and to be preserving their forces to fight "a long war."

Army enters another Taliban town - 4 November

Heavy fighting has been reported in Ladha as soldiers have entered the Taliban stronghold. Two suicide bombers were killed in Hangu.

Army retakes Ladha Fort in South Waziristan - 5 November

The Ladha Fort was abandoned by the Frontier Corps during the summer of 2008 after the Taliban besieged the region. The Army said 28 Taliban fighters have been killed during fighting over the past day.

Pakistan Army clears key town of Makeen - 6 November

Soldiers have begun to clear the town of Makeen, where slain Taliban commander Baitullah Mehsud based his operations.

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