Thursday, 27 January 2022
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This striking image by a Hercules pilot dominates the Armed Forces Art Society (AFAS) summer show now on at the Mall Galleries, London. (c) 17dragons Photoography

Now in its 78th year, the AFAS show is popular for all sorts of reasons, not least the wide range of media, styles and subject matter exhibited; everything from tiny etchings to vast canvases, landscapes, still life, portraiture, the photo-real, the utterly abstract, sculpture in all forms, pastels, watercolours, drawings a veritable cornucopia of art.

In 2012, for the first time, AFAS also has an exciting new show AFAS Plus One dedicated entirely to contemporary work, such as this one.

The regular AFAS show is always strong on figurative painting, for example Graham Pook's "B The Second Letter" or Morgan Llewellyn's "Tourists in Torcello". But the show also has a high proportion of semi-representational and purely abstract work and will also feature figurative sculpture, such as Hannah Shergold's 'Thoroughbred'.

AFAS Plus One is titled "Out Of Line" and has already generated interest from within and outside AFAS as it accepts all media and concentrates exclusively on contemporary genres. AFAS members working in video, installation, performance art and other new modes can now show their work and AFAS can offer that work to a different range of collectors those looking for art that speaks to us in new ways. The inaugural show includes video, mini-installation and sculpture together with contemporary paintings and prints, such as Caroline's Lees' "Urban Jungle", Katie Tunn's "Fin 2? and John Ashton's "Khe San 3?.

AFAS and AFAS Plus One Out Of Line are both at the Mall Galleries, The Mall, SW1Y 5BD from Tuesday 28 August 2012 to Saturday 1 September 2012, 10am to 5pm daily (4pm on the final day). Admission is free.

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