Wednesday, 21 August 2019
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"Do we get it? Yes we do!" Bill Rammell MP, Minister for the Armed Forces, at The Sun defence meeting in Manchester. (And sorry, there were no Page 3 stunnas as we'd previously speculated.)

"We should count our blessing. We're lucky there are still volunteers (for the Army) in our democracy."  Dr Liam Fox MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Defence.

"There's not enough emphasis about the good they do out there", - Christine Bonner, mother of Corporal Darren Bonner, killed in the service of his country in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, in 2007.

"The country is screaming out for honesty. We want to be told how it is." Stu Trow, Special Forces, the first amputee from the Afghanistan campaign.

"It's very easy to blame politicians. Decisions on defence are joint, with military advice. (That advice) is not always of the best." retired Colonel Richard Kemp, first UK commander in Afghanistan, who subsequently worked in the Cabinet Office.

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