Thursday, 24 January 2019
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MoDIMG 20181218 1521345 2The New Year's Honours list included 118 military and 49 civilian personel, listed on the next page.

SentinelIMG 20181218 1521495Gavin Williamson the Secretary of State for Defence managed a small triumph in delivering his statement on the Modernising Defence Programme (MDP) writes Sentinel, Our Man at the North Door. His statement was based on three themes: Modernise, Mobilise and Transform. These represent the way in which the MOD needs to move beyond the 2015 SDSR, which must seem like a long time ago. The inertia inherent in any large Whitehall department cannot act as a drag on the country's armed forces, when potential adversaries, unfettered by the inconvenience of democratic accountability, seek to steal a march on the west.

SentinelIMG 20181218 1521495The following promotions to "four star" level have been announced:

Vice Admiral Tim Fraser to be promoted to Admiral and to become Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff

Vice Admiral Tony Radakin to be promoted to Admiral and First Sea Lord/ Chief of the Naval Staff

Lt General Patrick Sanders to be promoted to General and become Commander, Joint Forces Command

Air Marshal Mike Wigston to be promoted to Air Chief Marshal and become Chief of the Air Staff

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