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memorial2 nWe mark the passing of those who served this country, including Wing Cdr Paul Farnes - one of the last 3 known Battle of Britain Fighter Command pilots (Flt Lt William Clark, F.O. John Hemingway).

Contributions from comrades and families welcome.

ALVINGHAM Maj Gen Robert Guy Eardley CBE (Lord Alvingham of Woodfold) died 29 March 2020 aged 93

AUDLAND Captain (later Sir) Christopher Audland KCMG 7 July 1926 - 29 December 2019 Royal Artillery Egypt, Palestine, Greece, Jordan Later diplomat

BADEN-POWELL Robert Crause Baden-Powell 15 October 1936 - 28 December 2019 Ordinary Seaman HMS Bulwark, Suez. Later Baron and Chief Scout

BOOTH Captain Michael Booth DSC RN 1949 - 2020 HMS Bulwark Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei. C.O. HMS Scylla 664 Sqn AAC N Ireland (MiD) C.O. 847 NAS Falklands (DSC). Sharks display team. Naval Attache Germany & Canada

BLYTH Sqn Ldr Anthony John Gregory Blyth died 17 March 2020 aged 77 RAF Vulcan pilot

CHALFONT Lt Col Alun Arthur Gwynne Jones (later Times defence correspondent and Lord Chalfont , Minister for Disarmament) OBE, MC 5 December 1919 - 10 January 2020 South Wales Borderers Burma, Cyprus, Malaya (MC)

CLARKE Major Muriel Evelyn Bol Clarke 25 June 1920 - 3 December 2019 Commissioned into ATS. British Military Mission Romania, GHQ Far east Land Singapore; Trieste - intelligence staff officer; i/c WRAC Cyprus and Middle East. Later aid worker esp Romania

CLIFFORD Col Nigel David Clifford MBE died 17 January 2020 aged 88 Royal Engineers

COOPER General Sir George Lesie Conroy Cooper GCB, MC 10 August 1925 - 6 January 2020 Royal Engineers Battle of the Hook, Korea (MC); Arab Legion Jordan; Iraq Army; Belfast, Germany Cdr 19 (Air Portable) Brigade; inc Malaysia; GOC SE District finally Adjutant General

CRITCHLEY Col Ian Ranald Critchley OBE died 7 Feb 2020

CROSBIE Cdr AGF Crosbie OBE RN died 2 April 2020

CUMMINS Lt Col (later Sir) Michael John Austin Cummins 26 November 1939 - 25 January 2020 Prince of Wales Dragoon Guards/ Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Aden , Kuwait, BAOR, N Ireland Later Serjeant at Armes, House of Commons

DANCY John Christopher Dancy 13 November 1920 - 28 December 2019 Rifle Brigade Normandy. Intelligence officer North West Europe and Far East

DAWSON Peter Romilly Dawson RM dies 17 February 2020 aged 90

DAY Lt Col Rodney Thomas Day died 29 March 2020 aged 83

EVANS Air Chief Marshal Sir David George Evans GCB, CBE 14 July 1924 - 21 February 2020 Egypt 137 Sqn Typhoon ground attack over N Germany. Attended German surrender in Copenhage. Bergen-Belsen. Later Spitfire, Tempest, Venom, (i/c 11 Sqn) Hunter, Javelin, Lightning . RAF bobsleigh team Innsbruck 1964 C.O. RAF Guttersloh c-in-c Strike Command, VCDS

FARNES Wing Cdr Paul Caswell Powe Farnes DFM, AE 16 July 1918 - 28 January 2020 7 Battle of Britain "kills" plus 2 shares made him an "ace" as a Sgt

Battle of France , Battle of Britain 501 Sqn Hurricanes Commissioned Nov 1940 229 Sqn Malta, Egypt 124 Sqn Iraq; c.o. 611 Sqn Mustang IV; 164 Sqn (later 63) Spitfire IX; later jet instructor

FRERE Vice Adm Sir Toby Freare KCB died 5 March 2020

GEORGE Rt Hon Bruce George 1 June 1942 - 24 February 2020 36 years an MP. Chaired HCDC. Stalwart attender at and research commissioner from U K Defence Forum. Chirman Political Committee NATO Parliamentary Assembly

HAMMERSLEY Rear Adm Peter Hammersley 1928 -2020 HMS Dreadnought Nuclear safety engineer. Captain RNEC Manadon Falklands Chief Staff Officer (Eng) to C in C Fleet

HEDGES Lt Cdr John Hedges AFC RN died 12 January 2020 aged 82

HINEY Lt-Col Rev Thomas Bernard Felix Hiney MC 12 December 1935 - 16 Jan 2020 1st Leicesters Cyprus, Germany, Congo with UN (MC) Oman, Libya Malta later ordained and became Army chaplain

HOARE Lt Col Thomas Michael Bernard Hoare 17 March 1919 - 2 February 2020 ( "Mad Mike) London Iriah. Royal Armoured Corps. India, Burma . Later mercenary in Congo, Seychelles

JENKINS W.O. John Jenkins MBE 19 November 2019 - 17 December 2019 Pioneer Corps scout Normandy beaches 1944, then D Day +1 moving ammunition Gold Beach . Caen, Falaise Gap, Battle of Bulge Later TA Wessex Regt. Legion d'Honneur

JOHNSON Col John Malcolm Johnson dies 27 January 2020 aged 86

JOHNSON W.O. Kenneth Alfred Johnson 17 Februar 1924 - 2 January 2020 Lancaster air gunner. 61 Sqn. Plane ht by bombs from another Lancaster 44 Opns France, Berchtesgaden attack with Tallboy. No 9 Sqn. later Cairo. :Later Cold Ward civilian Observer Corps. Legion d'Honneur

JONES Capt Michael Anthony Jones MVO RN died 15 March 2020 aged 89 HMS Nelson, HMS Albion Rear Cdre RHSA

LEECE Lt Cdr Thomas Leece 23 August 1926 - 25 February 2020 Fleet Air Arm test pilot. Korea HMS Theseus. Mediterranean. 810 Sqn HMS Albion. Red Devils display team

LYALL GRANT Maj Gen Ian Lyall Grantr died 29 February 2020 aged 104

MANNERS Lt Cdr John Manners DSC 5 September 1914 - 7 March 2020 Royal Yacht played cricket for Hampshire as amateur. HMS Birmingham Singapore, HMS Eglington , HMS Eskimo (Op Pedestal then Arctic convoys) i/c HMS Viceroy North Atlantic sunk U-1274 off Northumberland . German surrender in Norway. Cricket for Royal Navy and Combined Services and Hampshire post war

MARTIN Lawrence Martin !st Airborne Divn, Ryal Signals. Dropped at Arneham

MAXWELL Ailsa Maxwell 16 December 1922 - 10 February 2020 Bletchley Park codebreaker on duty when Germany signalled surrender

NIELD Brigadier Shirley Patrick Nield CBE WRAC died 18 January 2002

O'DWYER THOMAS Lt Cdr David Edward O'Dwyer Thomas RN died 7 March 2020

O'MORCHOE Maj Gen David Mial Creagh O'Morchoe CB CBE 17 May 1928 - 22 November 2019 Royal Irish Fusiliers (later Irish Rangers) i/c Sultan of Oman's Armed Forces

PERREM Sqn Ldr Tom Perren MBE AFC died 17 March 2020 aged 71

PETTIT Valerie June Pettit OBE MI6 case officer Op Pimlico (aka Veronica Price)

PLUMMER Briadier Robert Antony Plummer Irish Guards died 31 Decembe 2019 aged 90

REID Captain William R L Reid died 18 February 2020 aged 95 Merchant Navy

ROBSON (formerly MacWatt) Senior Cdr (Major) Gladys Anne Logan Robson ATS/WRAC 14 September 1911 - January 2020 Wartime Asst Inspector ATS physical training

SHERMAN (Edwin Douglas) Ramsay Shearman 17 November 1924 - 13 December 2019 shortwave radio pioneer. Admiralty Signal Establishment. Advise to MoD and GCHQ

SOAMES Cdr William John Soames died 31 March 2020 aged 93

STEAR Air Chief Marshall Sir Michael Stear KCB, CBE died 5 January 2020 aged 81

STEFF-LANGSTON Joyce Steff-Langston WAAF died 27 January 2020 aged 98

SYMONS Vice Adm Sir Patrick Jeremy Symons KBE died 11 February 2020 aged 86

THE McCOY Major Timothy Charles O'Neill The McCoy died 16th February 2020 NRP, KAR, R Signals (SAS)

TURLE Arish Richard Turle MC 4 April 1939 - 13 DEcember 2019 Rifle Brigade Sqn Cdr 22 SAS Oman HQ N Ireland Intelligence

VIGGERS  Lt (later Sir) Peter Viggers F/Officer RAF Natioanl Service, Lt Territorial Army RA Wessex Brigade. U K Defence Forum supporter

WITHALL Maj Gen W N J Withall CBE died 21 February 2020 aged 91

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British military casualties - Editorial policy

In the service of our country.

Eulogies for all personnel killed on UK operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere are posted as soon as they have been released by the UK Ministry of Defence. Each eulogy we publish for men down in operations brings a lump to the throat. We are losing the best of the best. Politicians must ensure that, when the newspaper cuttings have faded, their sacrifice has had some meaning, has helped bring about a good result. Anything else would be a waste for which they will be eternally condemned.

There is invariably at least a 24 hour gap between the official release of news of an event and the naming of the dead. This is to allow families to be informed and proper eulogoies to be produced. Occasionally families request no euologies or comment. We abide by guidance we receive on such sensitive matters. We regret that information on those who sacrifice almost as much through grave injury is seldom released by the MoD for operational reasons, and so we are unable to pay tribute.


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